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Latest Young Philanthropy news in the Civil Service

Civil Service headline newsletter






This is latest Civil Service Young Philanthropy newsletter. The past few months have flown by! Conor & Anna’s Cabinet Office Syndicate celebrated the successes at the YPS breakfast held on 12th September. (more…)

International Youth Day 2013- Providing A More Sustainable Future For Young People

To mark International Youth Day 2013 today, we are going to share with you one Young Philanthropy success story from the last few days.


Helping to build a better future for young people around the world is a cause which has been adopted by Sam Cohen and his colleagues at Ernst & Young. Together, they have been working with Child of Hope which offers safety, hope, education and protection to children in Uganda who have lost their homes, been sexually abused, orphaned due to AIDS/HIV and those living in abject poverty.


International Youth Day 2013- Tackling Sexual Exploitation

International Youth Day is earmarked to highlight the vulnerability and difficulties faced by many young people today all over the world. The tough economic climate which has resulted in significant global umemployment, poverty and cuts to public services inbrings with it significant risks to young people


One such vulnerability is sexual abuse and exploitation of young women. One group of young professionals, founded by Alex Dwek from KPMG, have set up a Young Philanthropy syndicate to help provide support to victims of such abuse. (more…)

International Youth Day 2013: Tackling Youth Unemployment (2)

In order to celebrate International Youth Day 2013, Young Philanthropy is showcasing the incredible work some of our Syndicates are doing to tackle youth issues,


Our next outstanding Syndicate founder is Alex Gardner, tax senior associate at PwC.Motivated by the desire to help improve prospects for jobless young adults, Alex and his Syndicate teamed up with LEAP,  a charity that runs education, employability and community programmes to help jobless young adults raise their self-esteem, find work and play a fuller role in society. (more…)

International Youth Day 2013: Tackling Youth Unemployment (1)

As International Youth Day 2013 approaches on 12th August, we want to highlight some of the biggest issues facing young people and what our Young Philanthropy Syndicates are doing to help.


Despite a marginal drop in unemployment figures, youth unemployment still remains unacceptably high with 20% of 16-24year olds unemployed or not enrolled in further education.