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Generation Why – Fighting for a better world

Only the start

Only the start

Our generation of 20 and 30-somethings are most often referred to as Generation Y. We are sandwiched between Gen X (our parents) and Gen Z (gulp, our children). But what is it that makes our generation unique and different?

In 2000 the United Nations and leading global institutions identified eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) ranging from targets on poverty relief to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS. In 2015 world leaders will meet again at the UN to review progress and begin discussing the next set of development goals. These world leaders will not be the ones who began the journey in 2000, and they will not be the ones to review progress in 2030.

Generation Y will be the leaders taking to the stage in 2030 and that means that we have a critical role today , to help influence, define, and implement the next set of goals. We must fulfil the promise of our generation, and make sure that we lead the charge towards a better world, not a worse one.

This is why we have decided to start a conversation today and to focus on the UN development goals. Over the next six months, we will review progress and begin to look forward. Each month, Young Philanthropy will focus on one of the MDGs – raising awareness of the issues and celebrating success stories

It is less well known that Generation Y was earmarked as the “hero Generation”. We are connected and collaborative, socially conscious and civic minded. We believe that business, society and government, can, and should work together. But despite all of this, a recent report highlighted that we are less likely to give than our parents’ generation.

It is time for us to move away from the arbitrary letters of X, Y, and Z, and be a generation that is marked out by values, ambition and unique achievements – and to encourage those who follow us to do the same.
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Help us make a better world – this starts today.