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I’m a Charity / Social Enterprise

We love working with brilliant charities and social enterprises. We are always on the look out for challenging and interesting projects to add to our portfolio. We act as a broker and help to match the needs of charities and social enterprises with the skills and interests of our professionals.

There are six key steps and we have tried to keep the process as simple and transparent as possible.

Charity On-Boarding





Before you submit a project to our portfolio, we’d like to get to know you a bit better and for you to check that YP and our Team model is the right fit for you.

What are the selection criteria for a charity or social enterprise?
• UK Registered charity and/or social enterprise.
• Inclusive of all groups.
• Public liability insurance for all YP volunteers.
• Structure and method for measuring impact.
• Someone to manage the relationship with the YP Team.

What are the components of a great project?
• Has 5-10 well defined needs; e.g. mentoring young people or designing a business plan. These can be updated on an on-going basis.
• Makes the most of the YP Team’s:
(i) Core Skills – e.g. effective communication, presentation, admin and writing, and/or
(ii) Specialist Skills – e.g. accountancy, finance, law and marketing.
• Has the potential to make a high social impact.
• Enables professionals to learn about the sector.

We will provide more detail on the types of project that tend to be successful in our on-boarding call in step 2.

What does YP expect from partners?
• Share branding (logo and copy) for use in publicity.
• License 3 great photos to YP for use in publicity.
• Record impact with the YP Scorecard; setting the baseline and then reporting back at the middle and end of the project.
• Become an advocate of YP to your current and future donors.

For a PDF version of this information, click here.

If you feel that Young Philanthropy could be a great fit for a charity or social enterprise you know, please connect us.

Please register for one of our upcoming on-boarding calls if you want to hear more about YP.

Monday 22nd September, 10:30-11:30

Once you have completed the on-boarding call you will be invited by one of our team to complete your project pitch.

Please click here to submit a pitch.