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International Youth Day 2013- Providing A More Sustainable Future For Young People

To mark International Youth Day 2013 today, we are going to share with you one Young Philanthropy success story from the last few days.


Helping to build a better future for young people around the world is a cause which has been adopted by Sam Cohen and his colleagues at Ernst & Young. Together, they have been working with Child of Hope which offers safety, hope, education and protection to children in Uganda who have lost their homes, been sexually abused, orphaned due to AIDS/HIV and those living in abject poverty.

The Ernst &Young Young Philanthropy Syndicate, working with Child of Hope, have sponsored the purchase of solar panels for a school which were delivered last week. This will increase self-sufficiency, enabling the school to use electricity as a further source of income as well as providing electricity for the school kitchen and opening up the possibility of running a water tap.

YP Solar panels






























The new solar panels recently fitted at a school in Uganda. 


The Young Philanthropy Syndicate model has meant that the funds which the young professionals have been able to generously donate between them has been matched by a senior partner. As a result, they have been able to maximise the impact they have on building a better world for the children of the school and local area.


Young Philanthropy is a movement redefining philanthropy and inspiring young professionals all over the UK to get involved in causes they are passionate about. If you have a cause you are passionate about, please do not hesitate to get in touch or come to our next breakfast event to find out how you can use your skills, time and money to help build a better world.

 For more information on the EY Child of Hope Uganda project click here.

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