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International Youth Day 2013- Tackling Sexual Exploitation

International Youth Day is earmarked to highlight the vulnerability and difficulties faced by many young people today all over the world. The tough economic climate which has resulted in significant global umemployment, poverty and cuts to public services inbrings with it significant risks to young people


One such vulnerability is sexual abuse and exploitation of young women. One group of young professionals, founded by Alex Dwek from KPMG, have set up a Young Philanthropy syndicate to help provide support to victims of such abuse. Together, they have teamed up with Barnardo’s whose mission is to transform the lives of vulnerable children across the UK through projects, such as combating sexual exploitation and child poverty, as well as campaigning and lobbying on key issue.


The KPMG Young Philanthropy syndicate and Barnardo’s are working together to support Barnardos’ Young Women’s Project in Islington. This is a project that offers advice and support to young women who have been sexually abused and exploited.


The impact that they have had on this project is unquestionable. The nature of the syndicate model allows them to give both volunteering hours as well as a financial donation matched by a senior partner to the centre. Together, the KPMG syndicate and Barnardo’s are working to build a better world for these women affected to overcome their past and look to the future.


Young Philanthropy is a movement redefining philanthropy and inspiring young professionals all over the UK to get involved in causes they are passionate about. If you have a cause you are passionate about, please do not hesitate to get in touch or sign up to attend our next YP Breakfast to find out how you can use your skills, time and money to help build a better world. 


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