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International Youth Day 2013: Tackling Youth Unemployment (1)

As International Youth Day 2013 approaches on 12th August, we want to highlight some of the biggest issues facing young people and what our Young Philanthropy Syndicates are doing to help.


Despite a marginal drop in unemployment figures, youth unemployment still remains unacceptably high with 20% of 16-24year olds unemployed or not enrolled in further education.

Syndicate co-founder Sam Butters and seven of her colleagues at Deloitte, together with seven colleagues at their client, Ingeus, have partnered with ‘Amber’ which is a charity supporting disadvantaged and unemployed young people to gain the motivation, confidence and skills they need to get and keep a job.


By setting up a Syndicate with 14 of her peers and their financial donations matched by a senior partner, Sam’s syndicate has part-funded the development of one of Amber’s three residential sites. Crucially, members of the Syndicates have also been able to use their skills to help with interview skills and CV writing sessions.


Young Philanthropy is a movement redefining philanthropy and inspiring young professionals all over the UK to get involved in causes they are passionate about. If you have a cause you are passionate about, please do not hesitate to get in touch or sign up to attend our next YP Breakfast ( to find out how you can use your skills, time and money to help build a better world. 


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